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Strategic Vision

Strategic Vision

Strategic Vision - 2019 Update

Strategic Vision - 2018 Update

Strategic Vision - 2017 Update

Strategic Vision - 2016 Update



  • We will connect purpose 和 passion in 学习 within an educational model that blends 创新 和 traditional practices for our students.
  • 我们将致力于扩大学习经验和机会,以激励学生探索, 发现, 设计, 和 to apply their knowledge in meaningful ways.
  • We will prepare students for future success in college 和 life through the development of essential personal 和 intellectual skills.
  • We will recognize 和 honor the diverse contributions of each individual in our community as the foundation of collaborative 学习.
  • We will pursue this strategy with cohesive, 富有远见的领导,灵活的运营模式,使我们能够与学生密切合作, 受托人, 教师, 父母, 校友, 和 community partners.

Established 2015


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